Separating cuts for fee

If the purchase of a Diamond WireTec diamond wire saw does not make sense for you, we are also happy to accept your job order. We cut your workpieces according to your specifications at reasonable prices. Simply send us your inquiry - preferably with a sample - so that we can provide you with an offer.


Spark plug of internal combustion engine

This is the separating cut of the spark plug of a gasoline combustion engine. The spark plug is made of different materials.

Rubber sleeve

The quality of this rubber sleeve can only be tested with a cold and almost burr-free cut. The part may only be clamped with low forces.

Insulation pipe

This is an insulation tube that was cut for testing purposes.


The separation of the 3D printed parts from the carrier plate (SLM) can be carried out cleanly with a diamond wire parting cut. The cutting gap can be smaller than 0.5 mm.

Concrete cylinder

For test purposes, this concrete cylinder had to be cut into slices. To improve the surface, the part was additionally turned during the sawing process.


This 30 kg and 400 mm long lens with 16 optical lenses was separated for exhibition purposes.

Electronic component (Eprom)

This is an electronic component, an eprom (storage medium) whose connecting claws lead to a chip, here visibly precise and finely separated.

Gas nozzle

These ceramic gas nozzles were cut to size. The special MS85 vice was used as the clamping device.

Tire with rim

For the IAA motor show, a tire and rim manufacturer also presented its products in separate versions. In the case of the tire, you can see the clean position of the metal mesh nicely.


This is the central separation of a strain gauge.

Rubber-metal profile

These are profile strips from the automotive industry. The rubber-metal combinations must be separated in quality control and then tested on the contour side.


This sensor, consisting of a stainless steel housing and an internal circuit board, was separated for presentation purposes at trade fairs.

medicine vial

Quality control of this medication vial must also be performed inside. For this purpose, the vial must be separated.


This is a rock from outer space, a so-called meteorite. It consists of silicate minerals and an iron-nickel alloy. The Swiss collector intends to separate the meteorites into slices and process them into jewelry.


This is a coin (10 cents), which was separated into three slices with two fine saw cuts. It should be noted that the coin must also be clamped (held). In this case with special wax on a ceramic disc.

Internal combustion engine

This is the separation cut through an internal combustion engine. Among other things, the spark plug, pistons, connecting rods, roller bearings and housing were cut.

Bonded component

The component bonded from three parts, if defective, must be separated again at the bonding point before disposal.

Ceramic discs

Whether for production or in quality control, parts made of ceramics can be separated cleanly and precisely.

Carbon tube

This carbon pipe should be cut crosswise and at 45° and without edge breakouts.

Underground cable

This is an underground cable made of copper, metal and rubber. After the fine separation cut, you can see the exact arrangement of each strand after the production process.

Zircon rod

This is a round bar made of zirconium, as used for example in dental laboratories for processing.

Carbide insert

This is a carbide insert which may be defective during manufacture. This can be checked after one or more fine cut-offs.

Circuit board

This is a circuit board of a computer, consist of many different materials.  The cut shows how fine on the board resistors, capacitors, etc. can be separated without pushing away.

Model car

This is a motor vehicle (car). Of course, a model vehicle! However, the parting cut is also possible through a real vehicle, but with a corresponding diamond wire saw.

Beverage bottle

This is a beverage bottle. Here, too, the machine, the diamond wire and the clamping of the bottle are decisive for the precise separation cut. Through the cut, one can analyze the different glass wall thickness of the bottle.

Silicon chip

This is a silicon chip that was separated with a 0.08 mm diamond wire. The voltage was applied horizontally. The cut was terminated by means of a set end stop.

Vehicle tires

This is a vehicle tire consisting of rubber compounds, nylon and steel and so on. The exact embedding of the steel belt in the tire can be determined by the separating cut.

Enameled probe

The enameled probe was to be separated for testing purposes. The enamel burst off during the waterjet separation process. Other separation methods failed completely. Only with diamond wire cutting could the desired result be achieved.

Electric motor

This is an electric motor with a strong magnetic core that had to be separated centrally by the axle, the core and the two plain bearings.


Cardboard can also be cut cleanly, precisely and without large residues using diamond wire.

Quartz glass

This is a quartz glass, which must be separated for testing purposes.

Hardened steel ball

This is a hardened steel ball with a diameter of 3 mm, such as those used in ball bearings. After the hardening process, the hardness test can be carried out more easily on the separated ball.

Cement block

The special cement blocks should be cut with a thin cutting gap of less than 0.3 mm and accurate to size.

Rock wool

The insulation manufacturer wants to separate its insulation materials - here rock wool - precisely and cleanly.


This special magnet, consisting of many different materials with different properties should be separated to view the microstructure.

Rubber lip

This is a rubber lip where the position and connection of the metal insert is to be checked.

Champagne glass

This is a fine champagne glass 0.1 L. The cut shows how precisely and finely it can be cut with our precision diamond wire saws. In addition to the machine, the diamond wire and the specimen clamping also play an important role.