Diamond Wire Cutting

The diamond wire is the exchangeable cutting tool of a diamond wire saw with which almost all materials as well as combinations of materials, so-called composite materials, can be cut.

The diamond wires or diamond wire grindings offered by us convince by their high tensile strength, their strong grain bonding, the selected diamond grain and the resulting long service life.

Some manufacturers press the diamonds into a stainless steel core wire without the addition of a binder. However, this results in considerable disadvantages in terms of service life. All diamonds that are not pressed in at least 50% deep tend to break out at higher cutting pressures. In addition, by pressing in the diamonds, a weakening of the core wire due to notch effects is deliberately accepted, which leads to premature wire breakage under the permanent alternating bending stress in the sawing process.

We, Diamond WireTec, have decided to use a strong diamond wire bond with nickel. Contrary to the opinion that parts of the nickel bond enter the work piece to be separated during the separation cut, it has been shown that nickel particles could only be detected in the separated abrasion and not in the sample.

We offer both coil wire (finite wires) and diamond wire grinding (continuous wires).

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Diamond wire on spool

We offer diamond wires on spools with different outer diameters and lengths as well as in different quality. Spool wires are used for our saw types DWS.100, DWS.175 and DWS.250. Of course, these can also be used for diamond wire saws from other manufacturers. Please inform us about the required coil dimension.

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Diamond wire loops

We offer diamond wire grinding with different diameters and lengths in two different types of grinding. The diamond wire loops are used for our diamond wire saws DWS.250E and DWS.375E. Of course, our wire loops can also be used for endless diamond wire saws from other manufacturers.

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