Diamond wire saw - DWS.100

The diamond wire saw type DWS.100 is a table saw in horizontal design so that the smallest cut-offs can be observed with the naked eye or also by means of an attached microscope.

The maximum workpiece cutting area is 90 x 90 mm and the recommended diamond wire thickness is 0.08 to 0.35 mm. The continuously adjustable wire speed goes from 0 to 4 m/s. To ensure a constant cutting pressure, the feed is done by gravity. Workpieces can be cut both wet and dry.

The DWS.100 is equipped with an operator-guided, ergonomically visible touch control system from which six languages can currently be selected (DE-EN-FR-ES-JP-CN). The industrial-grade drive and control technology ensure robust and precise operation. The built-in sensors for end of cut, open hood or wire breakage ensure safety. The precision saw is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

For clamping the workpieces we offer different clamping devices with the same and therefore easily exchangeable locking system, see accessories below.

Technical data

Saw housing

Type Stainless steel -aluminum -construction
Safety according to European directive
Saw dimesions H 410 x L 530 x B 350 mm
Saw weight 35 kg

Drive / Power supply

Engine power 120 Watt
Power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Diamond wire

Outer diameter 0,05- 0,35 mm
Wire length 20 m
Drum diameter 100 mm

Control system

Operating interface color touch panel
Security code protection deactivatable


Separation method Diamond wire cut
Cutting pressure Constant / gravity
Cutting speed 0 - 4 m/s


Max. sample weight 1 kg
Sample dimension 90 mm x 90 mm
clamping device Various sample holders

Wire cleaning

Kind Mech. water swirling
Alternate Dry or air jet

Diamond wire saw


  • max. workpiece size 90 x 90 mm (cutting height and length)
  • accessories for this type


Rotary drive

Art. DA.80

If you need cutting surfaces with minimum roughness and evenness, you cannot do without the DA.80 rotary drive. During the sawing process, the workpiece, which is clamped in a four-jaw chuck, rotates simultaneously. Parts with an outer diameter of up to 80 mm can be clamped and cut. Even the smallest grooves can be cut with the DA.80. The assembly of the rotary drive as well as the operation - forward and backward as well as infinitely variable speed adjustment - are child's play.

Side sample carrier

Art. SPT

This side sample carrier is used for direct mounting of specimens or our various carrier discs (TS.X), onto which the smallest specimens can be glued. The SPT.30/80 can be used to clamp cylindrical specimens from 30 to 80 mm but also non-shaped specimens up to 90x90 mm. The side sample carrier is part of the standard equipment of the DWS.100. It is optionally available in conjunction with the SB.60 clamping block set and the SE.XXX clamping unit.

Mini vice

Art. MS.30

This mini vise is used to clamp the smallest specimens with a max. clamping width of 30 mm. The lateral specimen grips STP or frontal specimen grips FPT are used to hold the MS.30.

Frontal sample carrier

Art. FPT.50

This frontal sample carrier is used to hold our specimen holder discs APT.50 and KPT.50 mm as well as the mini vice MS.30 or the rotary table DT.50. The frontal sample carrier can be used with the diamond wire saw DWS.100, the clamping block set SB.60 or the clamping unit SE.XXX.

Rotary table

Art. DT.50

With this sample carrier can be rotated to an accuracy of 1° and then separated. This rotary table is used to hold our various sample holders with a diameter of 50 mm. The DT.50 itself is clamped on the frontal sample carrier.

Horizontal sample carrier

Art. HPT.20/40

This horizontal sample carrier serves as an all-round sample holder, as small holders made in-house can be attached to it. The HPT.20/40 can be inserted directly into the specimen holder of the DWS.100. In conjunction with the SE.XXX clamping unit and the SB.60 clamping block set, it can also be used with all grooving table saws.


Art. GPT.4

This goniometer is adjustable in four axes and can be inserted directly into the specimen holder of the DWS.100 with its receptacle. In conjunction with the SE.XXX clamping unit or the SB.60 clamping block set, it can also be used in all slot table machines. The adjustment key, specimen holding plate and a pair of wax pads are included in the scope of delivery.

Heating plate

Art. HP.18

This heating plate is used for melting wax, which is used for easy and detachable mounting of your samples on our carrier disks TS. The heating surface is 18x18 cm, the max. adjustable temperature is 300°C.

Special wax

Art. SW.4

With this special wax, samples can be easily and detachably bonded to our carrier discs TS. The carrier disc is heated on a heating plate and the wax is melted on it at approx. 70°C. The samples is then pressed into the liquid wax and allowed to cool. The sample is then pressed into the liquid wax and allowed to cool. The wax holding force is quite sufficient for a diamond wire cut.

Carrier disc / ceramic

Art. TS.K

Ceramic support discs with diameter D50 or D80 mm for sticking small samples.

Carrier discs / aluminum

Art. TS.A

Carrier discs made of aluminum with diameter D50 or D80 mm for mounting/adhering small samples.

Scraber plate

Art. SP.200

Scraper plate made of anodized Aluminim including one ceramic disc each D50 and D80 as well as a scraper blade, for the safe removal of wax residues on the sample carriers.

Potting resin

Art. VH.1

Potting resin for embedding samples, consisting of 1 kg hardener and epoxy resin as well as 3 pcs. silicone cups and 10 pcs. wooden sticks for mixing a transparent embedding compound with a curing time of approx. 3 hours.

Potting boxes

Art. GB.16

Reusable silicone containers in 16 different quardrat and rectangular shapes with widths, lengths and heights from 20x20x20 mm to 100x40x20 and 75x75x75 mm for embedding difficult-to-clamp samples.

Unter table

Art. UT.X

This under table for placing our diamond wire saws, consisting of aluminum profiles with plastic panels and a three-part and lockable drawer cabinet. Available with adjustable machine feet or two fixed and two movable casters. The size and height of the lower table is adapted to the corresponding saw type for ergonomic working.

Magnifying lamp

Art. LL.400

Magnifying lamp including holder for optimal illumination of the work table (63 LED`s) as well as for magnified view of the separating cut (2.5x). The gooseneck allows quick and easy positioning of the magnifying lamp.

Stereo microscope

Art. SM.20

With this stereo microscope, the separating section can be observed magnified 20 to 40 times. The specimen can be focused via the eyepieces. The microscope has LED illumination as well as an articulated arm and can be easily attached to any table top with the included clamp.


Art. ML.30

The hand-held microloupe can be used to inspect diamond wire wear directly on the saw. The focusable magnifier with 30x magnification has an integrated illumination.

Grease gun

Art. FP.60

The mini grease gun is used for regreasing the two rotating shafts in the saw by the customer. 40 ml of special grease is supplied together with the grease gun. When, how and where regreasing is required is indicated to the operator on the machine display.

Cutting fluid

Art. SF.1

This cutting fluid is a concentrate without hazardous substances and biodegradable. An addition of 3-5% in the water avoids the corroding of the sample to be machined, e.g. made of steel, and prevents the material abrasion from sticking to the diamond wire. The liquid is filled in a transparent 1 liter plastic bottle.

Power cleaner

Art. KR.5

The Würth power cleaner is a detergent for metallic surfaces and at the same time gentle on paint, rubber and plastic parts. It is filled in a 500 ml spray bottle.