The CBN and Diamond Wire and Bands from Diamond WireTec will win you over with their high tensile strength, their strong grain bonding as well as the high quality of the wire and the diamond grain.

CBN and Diamond Wire

The cutting wire, wire loops and bands of Diamond WireTec was coated with CBN and diamond. They were offered winding on spools or in endless loops. The wires and bands are different in grain sizes, bonding, density, wire diameter and the strength. These are important properties for a effective and economical separation cut.

diamond wire loops
Examination of diamond wire using a microscope

All diamond wires offered by Diamond WireTec are subject to a 100% check and the strictest requirements. Tension tests for examining the stretching properties and strength as well as microscopic visual tests for the overall assessment are part of our quality management system.

diamond wire

The selection of CBN or diamond wire diameters depends, among other things, on the size of the cutting surface of the workpiece/sample. For fine surfaces, small grains make the most sense, and a lower grain density should be used for soft cutting materials.

CBN and Diamond Wire or Abrasive Wire (Loops)

Diamond WireTec delivers cutting wires and bands …

  • CBN and Diamond coated
  • With different grain sizes
  • As open finite wires in standard lengths of 60 m, 120 m and 1000 m coiled on our standard spools. For longer wires and larger spools, just ask us.
  • As endless wires/wire loops/abrasive wire with the standard lengths from 840 - 1600 - 1870 - 2000 - 2100 - 3000 - 4000 - 4430 mm in different diameters. Other length or diameters on request.
  • With a quality certificate, inspected by our quality management system.

-  specifications you find in our diamond wire product line

CBN and Diamond wire quality certificate

Technical data of our standard spools

Technical drawing, wire cross-section
Spool type Material a1 a2 a3 B1 B2
DS70 * Aluminium 70 45 41 17 20
DS150 Aluminium 150 100 80 34 40
DS300 Plastic 300 150 140 60 65

   *The spool DS70 can also use for many diamond wire saws from other companies.

You can’t find the one you need?

You can’t find the one you need?

On request, we can also manufacture and deliver other sizes.
Just ask us!

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