Precision diamond wire saw DWS 100

diamond wire saw

The diamond wire saw type DWS100 from Diamond WireTec is suited for the cutting of very small workpieces with cutting surfaces of up to 90 x 90 mm, e.g. for chips, LEDs, EPROMs, etc. The parts are fastened on a ceramic disc with special wax and then clamped and processed on a workpiece carrier. The sample can be easily removed from the ceramic disc after processing and easily and completely cleaned of the wax.

You can find ceramic discs, wax and heating elements in our sales product line - see ACCESSORIES.

The precision diamond wire saw consists of aluminium profiles, stainless steel elements and a stove-enamelled electric/control cabinet. The industrial-strength drive and control technology ensures sturdy and precise work. The ergonomic, integrated touch screen replaces many individual buttons and supports the user in every work step.

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Technical data - Diamond wire saw DWS 100

Type Stainless steel aluminium construction
Safety Acc. to machinery directive
Machine dimensions H410 x L530 x B350 mm
Machine weight 35 kg
Engine power 120 Watt
Power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Diamond wire  
Wire diameter 0,1 - 0,35 mm
Diamond wire length 19 m
Spool diameter 100 mm
Control unit  
User interface Colour touch panel
Protection via access code Can be deactivated
Cutting procedure Diamond wire saw cut
Cutting pressure Constant/Gravity
Cutting speed 0 - 4 m/sec.
Sample weight max. 0.5 kg
Sample dimensions 90 mm x 90 mm
Clamping device Ceramic disc
Wire cleaning  
Type Mech. water whirling
Alternative Dry or air jet