Comparison DWS.100 with WELL 3400 + 3500


The DWS.100 diamond wire saw from Diamond WireTec offers many advantages over the 3400 and 3500 saws. In this respect, customers such as: BMW, SIEMENS, Max Planck Institute, University of Cologne, University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, ARGONNE Nat. Lab, TU Vienna, EETH Zurich, SCHAEFFLER and many more have chosen the DWS.100.

What are the reasons? The technology, the handling, 24 months warranty and the fair price.


Ergonomic design

The almost horizontal design of the DWS.100 table diamond wire saw provides an excellent view of the cut-off. Especially for very small parts to be cut, this viewing angle is better than with vertical saws. The workpiece is guided through the diamond wire from bottom to top, so that the cutting process can be observed at any time. The DWS.100 can be used to cut specimens in sizes up to 90x90x90 mm or D90x90 mm.

Use of a stereo microscope

If you want to observe the cuts of the small parts even better, you can optionally purchase the universally applicable SM.20 stereo microscope with 20 to 40x magnification. After use, this can simply be turned aside or folded away upwards. For more information, see DWS.100 - Accessories.


Automatic wire winding

To wind the saw wire drum, it is not necessary to dismantle it and mount it on a separate rolling device and wind it. With the DWS.100, this is done simply and directly on the saw. Attach the wire spool, fasten the wire start to the wire drum, press the start button, and 20 m of wire are easily spooled onto the drum. The winding process takes less than three minutes on the DWS.100.

Touch panel control

The DWS.100 is controlled exclusively by touch panel. The 5.7" color display is not placed vertically or horizontally, but ergonomically at 45° for better operation and visibility. The desired language can be selected from currently 6 languages (DE-EN-ES-FR-JP-CN). The extremely user-friendly program contains simple step-by-step instructions in text and pictures, e.g. for changing the wire, so that it is not necessary to refer to the operating instructions.

Feed rate and workpiece shift

To ensure a constant cutting pressure between the diamond wire and the workpiece, the feed is carried out via gravity. Here, the machine housing is not running over an incline against the workpiece. On the DWS.100 the feed can be easily adjusted with an adjustable weight. The workpiece itself can be fed to the left or right by adjusting the specimen holder via a micrometer. The setting accuracy is 0.01 mm, the total fine adjustment travel is 50 mm.

Industrial grade equipment

Industrial-grade components such as the motor, the control system, the display, the complete electrical system and all mechanical parts were used to equip the saw. Even the control cabinet, a brand product, allows easy access to the control and electronics. Of course, the DWS.100 also has a wire break sensor as well as an end-of-cut sensor with mechanical adjustment so that the saw switches off at the desired cutting depth.

Different sample holders

Different sample holders allow you to fix your samples laterally, frontally or with a goniometer also at different angles for the separation cut. With the horizontal sample holder you can also easily fix your own, e.g. 3D print images.


Sawing with rotating workpiece

The DWS.100 can also be equipped with a rotary drive with 4-jaw chuck. The linear saw cut with simultaneous rotation of the workpiece creates an extremely smooth and even cutting surface. Workpieces up to 80 mm in diameter can be easily cut into the thinnest of slices or even the narrowest of grooves.

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