Accessories ...

We offer a wide range of accessories for operating Diamond WireTec diamond wire saws. These include care products, lubricants, cleaning agents as well as clamping devices and magnifying glasses.

For other accessories not listed here, please contact us!

Hand Diamond Wire Saw

The hand diamond wire saw is supplied with 10 pieces of diamond wire with an outside diameter of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. The saw has a strap length of 180 cm and a plastic handle of 10 cm length. The patented attachment system helps to easily insert and tighten the diamond wires.

hand diamnd wire sawHDS

Line Laser

Line laser, Class I, red, battery-operated, including holder, for easier alignment of the parts to be cut on the clamping table of the DWS.175 or DWS.250

Line LaserLA.15

Clamping table

Micrometre clamping table with adjustable X-axis including clamping jaws and holder for ceramic discs D50 and D80.

Not suitable for diamond wire saws of type DWS100

Clamping tableST.70

Clamping jaws

58-piece clamping jaw set for 10 mm slot width and M8 thread, for clamping a wide range of workpieces/samples.

Not suitable for diamond wire saws of type DWS100.

Clamping jaw setSP.58

machine vise

machine vise, nickel plated, accuracy 0,01 mm, clamping range 0 - 85 mm, jaw wide 63 mm, baking height 32 mm, total height 65 mm, weight 4 kg, suitable for the grooving table of the DWS.175 and 250.

machine viseMS.85

Clamping jaws

Clamping jaw set for the slot tables of the DWS175 and 250, consisting of 2 stainless clamping jaws, nuts and screws for easy clamping of right and cylindrical workpieces. Measurements: H60xB40 / 50xL95  

Not suitable for diamond wire saw type DWS100.

Clamping jaw setSB.60

horizontal sample holder


Horizontal sample holder with clamb from aluminium anodized, with various clamping posiblities.

Suitable for use in the DWS.100 and with the clamping blocks SB.60 also for the DWS.175 and 250.

horizontal sample holderHPT.20.40

side sample holder

Side sample holder made of aluminium anodized, for holding the ceramics discs KS.50 and KS.80 for separating disc-shaped samples.

Suitable for direct use in the DWS.100 and together with the clamping blocks SB.60 also for the DWS.175 and 250.

side sample holderSPT.50.80

Frontal sample holder

Frontal sample holder made of aluminium anodized, for holding the ceramics discs KS.50 and the rotary table DS.50.

This sample holder can be used in the DWS.100 and together with the clamping blocks SB.60 also for the DWS.175 and 250.

Frontal sample holderFPT.50

Rotary table

Rotary table for assembly on the frontal sample holder FPT.50 for separation of sample segments. Manually adjusttable to 1 degree accuracy.

This rotary table can be used together with the frontal sample holder FPT.50 on the DWS.100 and together with the clamping blocks SB.60 also for the DWS.175 and 250.

Rotary tableDT.50

Micrometer stop

Micrometer stop made of anodized aluminium, for adjusting the exact cut-off width 

Suitable only for the DWS.175 and 250

Micrometer stopMA.50


Goniometer with 4 adjustable axes X, Y, Rx and Ry, height 64 mm and diameter 39 mm, including various probes and adapters for direct moutning on the DWS.100 and together wit the clamping blocks SB.60 also for the DWS.175 and 250


Heating plates

Heating plate for warming up ceramic sample carrier and subsequent melting of the wax for fastening the flat workpieces/samples. Temperature range: 380 °C, power: 600 W, heating surface: 180 x 180 mm, weight: 2.8 kg Power connection: 230V - 50/60Hz

Heating plateHP.18

Ceramic discs

Ceramic discs, ground precisely and parallel, for fastening the samples with special wax. The ceramic discs are clamped in the machine workpiece carrier in order to process the samples.

We offer two ceramic discs in two different dimensions: D50 x 5 mm and D80 x 6 mm

Ceramic disc:KS.50
Ceramic disc:KS.80

Special wax

Special wax, for fastening small, flat samples (up to W90-H89-L20 mm) on a ceramic disc. The special wax can be completely removed after processing.

Special waxSW.08

Scraper Plate

Scraper plate made of anodised aluminum, for cleaning the ceramic discs from the adhesive wax, including a ceramic disc KS.50 and a ceramic disc KS.80 and a scraper with 5 replacement blades. Dimensions: L200 x B200 x H15 mm

Scraper PlateSP.200

Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes for pouring in the samples for better clamping in the machine. Less than 50% of the workpiece can be poured in so that a cut only runs through the exposed sample.

Available in various sizes

Plastic boxes:KB.XX


Resin, transparent, for pouring the sample into a plastic box for easy clamping on the machine. Less than 50% of the sample can be poured in so that the separation cut only goes through the sample.

The resin set consists of 2/3 resin (500 ml) and 1/3 hardener (250 ml) as well as 5 cups and 5 stirrers.


Magnifier lamp

LED magnifier lamp with a razor-sharp, distortion-free optical enlargement of 2.5 x (6 dioptre) and homogenous, shadow-free illumination by 63 SMD-LEDs as well as flexible swan neck tripod

Magnifier lamp:LL.40


Stereo microscope, made in Germany with 800 mm metal articulated arm and LED incident light beam, magnification 10x and 20x (optional 40x) with diagonal 45 ° and 360 ° rotatable, adjustable eye distance of 54-74 mm. Ideal for DWS100.


Reflected-light microscope

Handy reflected-light microscope with 30x enlargement and focus control for image sharpness, for wear assessment, for example of the diamond wire clamped in the machine. Batteries are included in delivery.

Reflected-light microscope:AM.30

Grease gun and grease tube

Small, handy grease gun as well as recommended special lubricant for maintaining the guiding elements of all of our diamond wire saws after the specified operating hours.

Mini grease gun:FP.60
Grease tube:FT.40

Cutting fluid

Cutting fluid concentrate in 1 litre container for cleaning the diamond wire and achieving a better cross section and for corrosion protection. The concentrate is solvent-free, water-soluble and is quickly biodegradable.

Cutting fluid:SF.01

Machine cleaner

Machine cleaner in a 1 litre spray bottle, for maintaining the machine and accessories, with degreasing properties, gentle on paint and solvent-free.

Machine cleaner:MR.01

Stainless steel cleaner

Stainless steel power cleaner in a 500 ml spray bottle, suitable for cleaning surfaces make of stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and anodised surfaces. It removes powerful contamination as well as greasy and oily residues.

Stainless steel cleaner:KR.50