About us

Diamond WireTec GmbH&Co.KG develops and manufactures all diamond wire saws and the majority of the diamond wires in-house in Weinheim near Heidelberg - they are therefore Made in Germany.

We have been working in the field of precision cutting technology for over 30 years.

Sales as well as customer service is handled by our office and field service teams.

Diamond WireTec diamond wire saws are different from other saws on the market due to thee state-of-the-art technology, the high precision, the quality components used, the available power and the simple, menu-guided operation.

See for yourself and let our products persuade at our plant in Weinheim.


The diamond wire saws and accessories are produced according to defined internal processes with 100% subsequent testing and documentation.

Our saws are designed so that a factory technician is not needed for maintenance and repair. Of course, you can take advantage of our internal and external service at any time.

Commissioning and briefings for the diamond wire saw are also performed in Weinheim together with the customer, or at the customer’s site on request.

We can cover most specific customer applications with our standard diamond wire saws. In addition, we build customised diamond wire saws based on your needs.

If purchasing your own diamond wire saw is not economically viable, then we are happy to make commission separation cuts for you.